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January 19, 2003

Currently playing: Erasure - Ave

Currently playing: Erasure - Ave Maria (Solsbury Hill CD2)
Went skiing yesterday. It was fun! Snow Summit/Bear Mountain aren't very big resorts though, and the snow sucked. Pictures will be up in a bit... spent today installing a Hotshot header in Barry's Sentra SE-R Spec V. Installing it sucked, but we have some decent pics to do an installation writeup, I think.

Also, Tower Records in Santa Monica stinks. I called 'em around 12:30pm...
me: "do you have the new Erasure single, Solsbury Hill, in stock?"
them: "the computer says we have 2... we'll go check..."
two minutes later...
them: "sir we're still looking."
me: "ok, thanks"
two minutes later...
me: "uh I'm on hold for the Erasure single..."
them: "oh, yeah, we're still looking"
two minutes later...
them: "we've found them, we'll put them on hold for you."
me: "sure, could you put them on hold for Brian? what time do you close?"
them: "done. we close at 10pm"

I think "COOL!!"... go work on Barry's car all day, work on my car a little... ~9pm... drive to Santa Monica... "the computer shows we have 2 in stock." *digs through pile of CDs on hold "it's not on hold here." F*CK! A different guy working at the front looks through the singles and the albums section (which I've already done), says "we might just have got it in, we'll check the back." He goes and checks and says "i couldn't find it, but we have some unopened boxes in the back." I say thanks, browse the store some more, and leave.

But please tell me, how the hell can you have a single which has been out for 5 days that's IN STOCK in your inventory system, yet not have it in stock, and say it might be in some un-opened boxes? WTF?

I was there last Friday asking about the same CD, too. They said they had 2 in stock then, too. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR...

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