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May 07, 2003

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Currently playing: Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains
Ugh... too tired to do anymore work on my website tonight. Went rock climbing with Sophia today at Wooden... we're both about 5.8~5.9 skill level climbers, with Sophia being more consistently a 5.9 than I am. We both had a great session today-- UCLA Rock Wall staff have been putting up a lot of new tracks lately. "Homo Topic" and "Zuma" are two 5.9's that have consistently been giving us trouble, and we both conquered both tracks today. WOOHOO!

Also they published two spreadsheets of climbs and tracks today, for roped climbs and boulder problems respectively. Turns out there's a ton of 5.9 tracks laid out right now-- 11 of them! We've done about half of them as well as all the 5.8's and below, I think. We should both theoretically be able to do any 5.9 climb... we'll see if we can prove that theory or not. I know for both of us there is one climb that has been impossible since it was put up in January... and for me, a climb put up last month looks impossible too, because my fingers literally are too long to grip the handholds.

Note to self: need better upper-body strength!

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