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June 15, 2003

Graduation Weekend, continued

Department graduation this morning. Good lunch with the family and relatives, plus Erik and Alicia. Bummed around for a bit at the Engineering graduation looking for Alex, but never did find her! =( Found some other friends though. =)

Hard to meet up with others for lunch-- Barry was at Nicole's graduation stuff, Kim, Pearl, Tara, Sophia, Dave, Joel, etc. etc. etc. were all busy with their own graduations or the graduations of our friends... it was similarly hard to meet with people for dinner-- family and family friends plus Alicia, everyone else was busy with their own relatives! Thanks mom and dad for coming down, and for dinner at Art Sushi tonight! SOOOO yummy!

The night's festivities were a little more tame than expected, never did make a preparty at Barry's place (sorry bro!)... Erik, Jason, Barry, Alice, Alicia, and Berner all ended up at Pearl's friend Jen's place with me, which was cool until we found out that Jen was trying to wind the party down (and not up!) to avoid pissing off her neighbors.

Good policy, just unexpected. Thanks for hosting us, Jen! Was still lots of fun, and aside from seeing Pearl again (another sighting of the rare Pearl), I got to see Amy for the first time in like a year too. Hooray!

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