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July 14, 2003

Life is crazy.

Currently playing: unity303 - Now Will Never Come Again (78:13 dj set)
Apt title... for now, change abounds in my life and the lives of many of my friends. Time at college ends and the real world approaches, in the meantime we sort life out as best we can and relish the time we have together. The last gasp of irresponsibility enabled through college life changes to the working world and the responsibilities of housing, food, health, friends, and family.

Change is always present in life; this transition contains more change in less time than any previous period in our lives for the vast majority of us. Now Will Never Come Again represents the experience of time, and it's especially true at this particular moment.

Rejection letters from City of Santa Barbara and City of Santa Monica on the positions I applied for there.
Pending on Premio, Electronic Arts, Rand McNally, and a dozen or so other places.
Really should get my butt in gear and get at least another 50 resumes out.

Dependent on work. Still not sure where I'm going to be living after the next 2 weeks.

Packing sucks.
All-nighters suck.
Been too busy lately.
A good busy though it may be, it's still a very busy busy.
By Friday things should calm down...
Good to see family.
Very good to see family, especially my great-grandmother.

Too much to do but for once enough time to do it in, the trouble is, you can't do everything all at once.
Priorities must develop, and (un)packing must continue...

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