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September 25, 2003

Is not a car wash?

I tried to wash my car after work today, since I haven't been able to wash it the last few weekends. (and won't be able to wash it this weekend either)

Manager stops me. So. Why can't I wash my car?
She says "Is not a car wash."

Uh. Right. I see people washing their cars here all the time and they've never been stopped. It's not in my lease either. Heck I think vehicle maintenance IS prohibited in my lease, but I see used oil containers around here all the time too, so vehicle maintenance is obviously going on. WTF!

Still, as much as I'd love to argue my point, I didn't-- which is why I'm kinda pissed off still and hence why I'm writing this post.

Why didn't I argue my point? Because I've got better things to do with my daylight. I'm always gonna be at work, out running, out at the racetrack, out hiking, out with my friends... sure I'd love to wash my car at my apartment, but not if I have to sneak around to avoid my manager every time and BS like that. I'd rather leave on peaceful grounds with my manager when I move out, so she refunds my security deposit instead of keeping the damned thing.

In the end, a few bucks on car washes gets me back the $600 from my security deposit and potentially several hours of my time dicking around with my manager.

Not a choice I like having to make, but I'd rather have my fun at the cost of $7.95 or $12.95 for a car wash once a month over sneaking around wasting an hour or three waiting for my manager to leave to wash my car.


Posted by brian at September 25, 2003 12:21 AM


Well, have you ever asked about a car wash system inside your apartment community?

Posted by: Josh Taylor at November 27, 2004 09:12 PM

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