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October 28, 2003

Picture update.

Weekend update... Knott's Scary Farm, Rosebowl (UCLA vs. ASU), Zuma Beach/Simi Valley fire pics...

Went shooting tonight with Joel. Smith and Wesson .357 6" barrel revolver, and a fullsized Glock .40... the revolver was FUN and accurate as hell. Glock was about the same as the Beretta 92FS for me (yeah I know the calibers are different)-- it felt the same-- decently well to shoot, but not nearly as good as the Sig Sauer P228. Kick on the revolver is pretty strong (I need to shoot a 1911 again to re-reference myself with the feel of a good .45ACP), but Joel shot VERY well with it-- even better than his usual, which is already so good it's ridiculous!

If you cocked the revolver before firing, the trigger pull was about the strength of a wish. "Hmm I'll fire..." and you'd have a bullet on the target before the thought was done. Very accurate that way if you're focused... but not as fun. =P My groups with the Glock were better than the two times with the Beretta, but not as good as with the Sig. We'll see when I have time and money to go again...

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