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November 14, 2003

Is there such thing as too much work?

10 hour days for the last three days.

And this is only the FIRST week of the end-of-year rush. Are the remaining six weeks going to suck this bad too??

Some other stuff. Ars Technica polo shirt logos... very nice!

80's music quiz. I scored a pathetic 40.5! =( It shows how terrible I am with lyrics (1 line? I can't guess that) compared to a whole song, and even worse it shows how limited my music exposure really is-- considering I consider myself a huge synthpop fan! Admittedly synthpop is a small part of 80's music, and it really showed. =P

Stolen from Pearl's site: a link to Postal Service getting sued by the US Postal Service. Funny stuff! It should be resolved properly, I hope. =) Also, Pearl had a squirrel sightning on campus of one of the fattest squirrels I've ever seen!

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