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December 12, 2003


I know finals are painful and ugly and crap... so... to everyone who still has them, good luck!

Something I remember about finals: I know I just can't study with some of my friends.

Alicia, for example, kicked my *ss in engineering, still graduated with better grades than I did and did it in 4 years. And I STILL haven't figured out when she actually studies, 'cause appearantly she doesn't...

Then there's Pearl, who is a master of procrastination, much like I am. Only she's much worse. I enjoy cramming and pain, but she takes it to suicidal levels.

She's known about her 35 pages worth of final papers for at least the last 7 days, maybe longer, and yet she's got less than 22 hours left and she still has 22 pages to write! Man. There's finals, which cause pain and suffering, there's stupidity, which causes greater pain and suffering, and then there's self-abuse, which Pearl seems to excel in.

So if you're as screwed as Pearl is (either intentionally, unintentionally, by design, or otherwise)... GOOD LUCK! Let me know if you need an ambulance out from your last final, I'll be sure to arrange for one. =P

Posted by brian at December 12, 2003 01:14 AM


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