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March 07, 2004

Big Bear... and pics.

Sort of. 3 pictures aren't much. One, two, and three.

Small little trip. Just Keith and myself-- Justin and his brother couldn't make it, Sophia couldn't make it, Alicia couldn't make it, Dave couldn't make it, etc. etc.

Beautiful day-- if anything, it was waaaay too hot (temps in the 70s?). Snow at these little resorts in SoCal isn't nearly as good as the Sierra Nevadas, so even with the deepest base in 6 years (5' or so!!) conditions were only decent. Lots of traffic past 10am as well-- the slopes were crowded, since SoCal doesn't have many resorts at all.

Crowds aren't a problem most of the time since Keith and I are both experienced on the slopes, but Big Bear is an all-mountain terrain park for snowboarders and hence attracts a lot of beginners and a younger crowd, many of whom do not have good situational awareness or an understanding of the fact that snow is slippery!. eek We avoided any serious accidents or injuries, and I don't think we scared anyone too badly...

The biggest thing of the day was the heat. They said heat wave in the 50s and 60s-- hah! Girls were stripping down to tank tops (mmmm, snow bunnies... lots of good looking ones too... mmm...), which tells you it was freakin' hot for a ski resort. I had my lightweight jacket completely unzipped (front and vents)-- thanks again, sis, for the jacket!-- and by 1pm, both Keith and I were freakin' overheated. I pushed things out to 2:40pm or so... then we packed up and headed back.

Nice trip-- especially thanks to all the eye candy-- but next time, we need to bring more people!!

June Mountain, March 19-20-21 anyone? Sophia and I are going...

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