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September 27, 2004

Playing all weekend...

... means I'm awfully tired when I come to work the following Monday. *groan*

Seeing Cheston, Viet, Billy, Maggie, Barry, Kim, and everyone was good and all, as was the sushi dinner at Midori in Sherman Oaks (yummay!), as was partying a little tiny bit on Sunday night with Jason, Bernier, Barry, Mike, and Kim at a Lambda Phi Epsilon party that night. Saw Pearl and Jer too, which a rare event indeed. Much thanks to Billy as well, for loaning me his extra car while mine's in the shop for a heart transplant.

After all that excitement, I'm just tired. Watching those college students starting rounds of shots at 8pm (sh*t, I can't do that anymore, I have work the next morning!) made me feel kinda old too. =P

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