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November 01, 2004

California International Auto Show

As Pearl duly noted on her website, the California International Auto Show finished this weekend in Anahiem.

And Pearl worked her butt off. I'll tell the whole story later (very soon, I hope), or maybe Jenn will... in the meantime I'm going to find some sleep 'cause none of the three of us got much of that this weekend. Neither did quite a few of Pearl's coworkers over at Jackson-Dawson.

Special thanks to Jackson-Dawson for running the show promotions, to GM R*Works for getting their end together so quickly, to Jenn, Claudia, Bob, and the other JD employees and JD contractors (contractors: such as myself) for working together so well.

Yeah, I could complain about the crap that went wrong and the b*tching I absorbed from our GM R*Works manager, but hell, I'm working management now too, I understand the stress. And I appreciate the hard work. Now, Elizabeth from GM R*Works, could I please have some of those strips of skin from my body back? Don't take it out on the hired help, please. *winces*

An inkling to the weekend:
Expecting to work 11 hours on Saturday, go out to play a little, go home and sleep, then work another 11 hours on Sunday.
Reality was that I worked 11 hours on Saturday, Jackson-Dawson put me up in a hotel with the rest of their (real) employees that night so we could do some more work, Jer came down... and the three of us worked all day Sunday, too.

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