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April 25, 2005

Flying sardine cans

Back from this weekend's little excursion to visit a bunch of track wh0res and attend the wedding of one of our fellow old-school car sluts.

Congratulations, Shing and DeAnne!

Heck, a great many of us ancients who gathered at later (okay, much later) became were there, many of whom dated all the way back to Evan's Maxima SE page in 1996 or so... that includes: Tim and Debbie, Hector, Jamie, Jesse and Michelle, Matt and Kelly, the Fobart brothers Ryan and Jason, Al and Delores, Sage and Jen, Mario and Valerie, Randy, Russ, Justin and Cheriosioux (did I spell her name right? o_O ), and of course, Shing and DeAnne.

We missed Booker, Craig, JJW, Dan, Jim W, Mark, Bill, and the others who couldn't make it. Or in Booker's own words, LOSERS WHO COULDN'T GO TO HOUSTON THIS WEEKEND.


Fun stuff. big grin

(BTW, airlines did a good job of keeping their airplanes full this weekend. I felt alternately like a sardine and a cow in a herd of cattle whenever I was packed on a narrow-body Boeing this weekend.)

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