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November 28, 2001

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Currently playing - Weezer - My Name is Jonas
First all-nighter of the quarter is tonight. Fortunately for me it's probably the only all-nighter as well, and I got to do plenty of cheating- aka I took a couple naps tonight. It's 4:50am and my Geography 144 paper is a little more than 60% done. Cool stuff, but I've also got a Stats midterm in about 7 hours that I need to study for. I'll crank out the rest of the Geo144 rough draft now, then spend the next couple hours studying for stats-- thank goodness for the 1 page of notes he allows us on the test. If I can pull another A on my stats midterm, I'm basically done with stats for the quarter! =) Then this afternoon I can finish my Geo144 paper.

I could have started this earlier (Sunday night), but what's life without a little pressure? ... and yeah, I'm crazy... I know... :-/
*knock*knock* Uhoh... seems Vince locked himself out again. =p

Oh. Poster projects started today in Geography 2... one person who had to present today didn't show up. His partner is a pretty loud, emotional girl... so I wouldn't be surprised to see a bloodstain on the wall outside of class about his size. hee hee. =

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