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November 22, 2001

Currently playing: Cranberries - Zombie

Currently playing: Cranberries - Zombie
Hmm, I thought I had some of *my* MP3's at home... I guess not... Drove home with Erik and Nick last night. Covered ~320 miles in 4.75 hours or so- got low on gas so we had to stop before we made it to Nick's place. It seems leaving the AC running the entire trip killed my hopes of a 28mpg tank of gas. The constant 75mph+ speed probably didn't help either, as I know the occasional bursts to 90mph+ couldn't have done us any good. In 6 hours, including a stop at Nick's house and a stop for gas, we made it up to Walnut Creek and back to San Jose, covering about 400 miles. Not bad at all.

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