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November 10, 2001

Currently playing: Joy Division -

Currently playing: Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Week is finally over... yay! I don't envy Nick at the moment. He and Pete are going to wake up to 20-odd beer cans and a minor mess in the kitchen when they wake up. Pete, when drunk, makes a very big *ss of himself. It doesn't lend to clean kitchens or the safety of any alcohol not already in his stomach.

Long weekend, too, for Veteran's Day. A day in salute to those who serve our country.

As for me. Have some fun, read the tons of reading I have to do (what's up with my profs and reading? Every few weeks a prof will go psycho and assign 300+ pages of reading in a week!), work on my car if it doesn't rain, update my webpage, fix my computer. Hmm that's a lot of stuff, and I doubt I'll get to it all... but I'll try! Maybe some personal issues can be cleared up, too. I'm pretty much doing fine, all things considered. Some friends have it rough though, and the sorting-out process has been pretty painful at times for them... hopefully things will get better over the weekend.

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