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November 04, 2001

Currently playing: Erasure - I

Currently playing: Erasure - I Love Saturday
Okay, so Saturday is now over, but I just got back from studying and watching Mallrats, so this is close enough! Katie, Jimmie, and whoever asked... it's just a song.

Female drama? None, sorry to disappoint. I haven't had time to sleep, much less do anything else during the week. (hmm... need to do homework, website updates including 4 sets of pictures, start an essay, switch the brake pads on my car, start a poster project, install the short throw shifter, catch up with the class readers I've ignored, fix my computer, fix my housing situation, talk to my academic counselor, etc. etc.)

Anyway, UCLA football continues their decline. You'd think our offense knew how to actually catch and hold on to a football. Argh. This is making going to the USC game increasingly depressing! Hmm... what else... Catching up on birthdays I'd forgotten. **embarassed** Yep... oops! Sent out a few belated birthday cards, too! Finally went running today for the first time in weeks. Felt good. Erik and I (and whoever else) needs to start doing this again, regularly. My current housing situation doesn't help my exercise schedule, but it shouldn't be an excuse to stop working out, either. Blah. Time for bed...

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