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November 05, 2001

Rowr. I'm in a bad

Rowr. I'm in a bad mood... not getting the grades I was expecting on my most recent midterm and my one paper. Midterm grade is most distressing, because the class average was high. Just threw away 4.5% of my grade, if it's not curved... Argh! Paper grade is acceptable, but it's just a few points off because I forgot the bibliography! That really bugs me. Prof said "check your paper for comments", mine says "well done. thankyou" and now I am left wondering if the lack of a bibliography is the only reason my grade isn't higher. Grrrr.

Well, I'll see what news Wednesday brings. Last midterm and I should get one more midterm grade back, I hope, until the next set of midterms. F*cking pissed... so... well, off to finish homework and go study. Always more work to do...

Posted by brian at November 5, 2001 02:32 PM


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