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February 10, 2003

Currently playing: Star Wars Episode

Currently playing: Star Wars Episode II - Across the Stars
Ouch. =-o

Got raped on my MMIG 12 (Bioterrorism and Infectious Diseases) midterm. =( Pulled a 78/100, which is pretty f'ing pathetic. Means I missed 11 of the 50 multiple choice questions. =( It's about my worst-case scenario, at least, and no worse than that, though. I still have a shot at an A in the class if there's no curve, at least. *phew* Assuming there is a curve, then as long as no one got a perfect score on the midterm, it can only help me. The midterm wasn't especially hard... just that there were lots of facts, and I basically blew off the midterm and the class (I can take it P/NP if I need to) because I had much, much, MUCH more important midterms to study for last week.

*sigh* What a sh*tty Monday. Not especially unpleasant... it just feels unpleasant...

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