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February 28, 2003

NASA chief: Shuttle saving efforts

NASA chief: Shuttle saving efforts possible... uhh... so, what effort was possible? I'd love to know. Intense debate at ArsTechnica and other sites hasn't revealed anything technically feasible. Sure, inspecting the damage isn't hard... but fixing it...?

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Currently playing: Pet Shop Boys

Currently playing: Pet Shop Boys - It's a Sin
Increasing newspaper articles and stuff on the use of weblogs, aka, blogs. Not to mention that I'm slowly discovering that more and more of my friends are Xanga users. Sheesh. I feel like I need to go out-geek them a little more. =P

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February 25, 2003

Currently playing: U2 - All

Currently playing: U2 - All I Want Is You
Ever been browsing a website trying to find one specific piece of information (the college calendar) and been absolutely unable to find such information? Sheesh.

Spent all day today catching up on my reading, and I'm still not done. Doh. Tomorrow will be spent catching up some more. Ouch.

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February 23, 2003

stupid LA drivers... Heading home

stupid LA drivers...
Heading home tonight. 2 lanes going straight... other side of the intersection, both lanes merge into one lane. I'm in the left (center) lane, other guy is in an old Mercedes in the right lane.

He inches forward repeatedly while our light is red. I'm planted behind the crosswalk like I should be... he inches forward three or four times until he's a full car length in FRONT of me, sticking his F*CKING nose well into cross traffic. (had there been much cross traffic...) So, his rear bumper is well in front of my front bumper, and he's gonna lose his lane.

I'm sitting there like nothing is happening. Then the light changes, we've got a green, so he inches forward a little more. Then this f*cker realizes "maybe I don't want to do this!!" and sits there and looks at me. WTF? Needless to say, I'm ready and waiting to see WTF he's gonna do-- and since he's not doing anything, I hit the gas and get through the intersection, instead of sitting in the middle of it like a dumb*ss.

Frickin' LA drivers. *sigh*

It's been a good weekend otherwise, though! =)

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February 20, 2003

pissed... My beloved Fuji Finepix

My beloved Fuji Finepix 2800Zoom, still with all 150 ski trip pictures on it, was removed from my presence sometime between 12:15pm and 4pm on Tuesday.

I used it during my first break, stuffed it securely in my backpack and went to my second class. I did not intentionally remove it from my backpack for the rest of the day until I noticed that it was gone! I've backtracked every step I took that day (amazingly yes, I do remember everywhere I went that day) and notified the appropriate instructors and checked with the appropriate staff- in some cases, twice.

No sign of my baby. Or its precious cargo.

We'll see if I need to start posting "Lost Camera: $100 reward" signs on Friday. *sigh* Hopefully I won't need to start a search for a replacement camera, because the money just isn't there either...

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February 17, 2003

Wow... a tick over 1,000

Wow... a tick over 1,000 miles this weekend with a 27mpg average, including one very surprising 33.7mpg leg... pictures later, a little bit of work to do with much sleep needed, and precious little time for either...

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February 13, 2003

A Safe Way Driving School...

A Safe Way Driving School... check out this video about driving schools. It's funny! Thanks Pearl for the link.

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Currently playing: Erasure - Make

Currently playing: Erasure - Make Me Smile (Come up and see me)
Woohoo, did good on my history midterm... only question left now is my Theater midterm, due next Tuesday. Need to make sure to finish at least half of it before leaving tomorrow...

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February 11, 2003

Fortunately, my gamble I mentioned

Fortunately, my gamble I mentioned yesterday paid off. I focused on my one important midterm (aka, the one major class this quarter!) and blew off my other two midterms (just GE's!)...

... and I did really well on my major class' midterm. I'd tell you my score, but I don't want the rest of the class to hunt me down and kill me... and in the rain, having to run away from the mob might suck...

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February 10, 2003

Currently playing: Star Wars Episode

Currently playing: Star Wars Episode II - Across the Stars
Ouch. =-o

Got raped on my MMIG 12 (Bioterrorism and Infectious Diseases) midterm. =( Pulled a 78/100, which is pretty f'ing pathetic. Means I missed 11 of the 50 multiple choice questions. =( It's about my worst-case scenario, at least, and no worse than that, though. I still have a shot at an A in the class if there's no curve, at least. *phew* Assuming there is a curve, then as long as no one got a perfect score on the midterm, it can only help me. The midterm wasn't especially hard... just that there were lots of facts, and I basically blew off the midterm and the class (I can take it P/NP if I need to) because I had much, much, MUCH more important midterms to study for last week.

*sigh* What a sh*tty Monday. Not especially unpleasant... it just feels unpleasant...

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February 09, 2003

Currently playing: KDL - 103.1

Currently playing: KDL - 103.1 FM Los Angeles
SoCal-SERCA Streets of Willow Springs #4 pics are up.

It's been a long week, and while it was great, I'm glad it's over. 4 hours of sleep, then 3 midterms tried to kill me... slept for another 4 hours, then hit up Willow Springs all day... came back to no clean clothes that night, so I spent 3 hours doing laundry... crawled under my car a few times to try (repeatedly unsuccessfully) to fix that annoying rattle and change the oil... and now the week is over!

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February 03, 2003

Currently playing: Erasure - Freedom

Currently playing: Erasure - Freedom (Motiv8 Radio Mix)
Midterm time. Skimmed through 120 pages of reading and had dinner, been about 6 hours so far. Another 50 pages of skimming, plus 40 more pages I really have to read.

Saw On the 20th Century last night at UCLA's Freud PlayHouse- a requirement for my Theater class is to see at least one musical this quarter. It was... lots of fun, but a little weird to see people singing out a play on stage. Sophia likes to see musicals at least, so I had someone to help me figure out which one to see and come with me!

Cheston also got his imitation NISMO body kit today for his 350Z. Bodykits really aren't my thing, but have a look... oh yeah use IE only, he generates HTML in MS Word, and naturally MS HTML only works in MS products.

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February 02, 2003

Currently playing: Erasure - Weight

Currently playing: Erasure - Weight of the World
More Erasure goodness today. CONCERT TICKETS!

Man, my wallet hurts. It's bleeding.

Oh, yes, lots of gallery updates are up. Lambda Phi Epsilon party, Snow Summit ski trip, Abby and Tamy's visit, and finally, Potluck pictures at Sophia/Carley/Grace/Tara's place.

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February 01, 2003

Shuttle Columbia lost while performing

Shuttle Columbia lost while performing re-entry today. Initial reports say Columbia broke up while descending at an altitude of over 200,000 feet, which means there will be no survivors. =(

NASA press conference at 1pm EST, which means in about five minutes... despite being the oldest shuttle in the fleet, Columbia was recently overhauled. Every major flaw found in any space shuttle today usually results in a media scare and the inspection of the damaged/fatigued part on the entire fleet. Hopefully NASA will find out what happened. The shuttle fleet was being expected to last until 2020, but such a long time seems even more in doubt now than it's ever been.

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