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February 20, 2003

pissed... My beloved Fuji Finepix

My beloved Fuji Finepix 2800Zoom, still with all 150 ski trip pictures on it, was removed from my presence sometime between 12:15pm and 4pm on Tuesday.

I used it during my first break, stuffed it securely in my backpack and went to my second class. I did not intentionally remove it from my backpack for the rest of the day until I noticed that it was gone! I've backtracked every step I took that day (amazingly yes, I do remember everywhere I went that day) and notified the appropriate instructors and checked with the appropriate staff- in some cases, twice.

No sign of my baby. Or its precious cargo.

We'll see if I need to start posting "Lost Camera: $100 reward" signs on Friday. *sigh* Hopefully I won't need to start a search for a replacement camera, because the money just isn't there either...

Posted by brian at February 20, 2003 01:31 AM


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