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February 23, 2003

stupid LA drivers... Heading home

stupid LA drivers...
Heading home tonight. 2 lanes going straight... other side of the intersection, both lanes merge into one lane. I'm in the left (center) lane, other guy is in an old Mercedes in the right lane.

He inches forward repeatedly while our light is red. I'm planted behind the crosswalk like I should be... he inches forward three or four times until he's a full car length in FRONT of me, sticking his F*CKING nose well into cross traffic. (had there been much cross traffic...) So, his rear bumper is well in front of my front bumper, and he's gonna lose his lane.

I'm sitting there like nothing is happening. Then the light changes, we've got a green, so he inches forward a little more. Then this f*cker realizes "maybe I don't want to do this!!" and sits there and looks at me. WTF? Needless to say, I'm ready and waiting to see WTF he's gonna do-- and since he's not doing anything, I hit the gas and get through the intersection, instead of sitting in the middle of it like a dumb*ss.

Frickin' LA drivers. *sigh*

It's been a good weekend otherwise, though! =)

Posted by brian at February 23, 2003 02:49 AM


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