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April 06, 2003

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Currently playing: Ministry of Sound - Sasha & Emerson - Scorchio
XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0 are what I've just started looking at for the next significant revision of my personal website.
version 0.1 wasn't memorable. I think it was a couple of lines of text and that was it.
version 0.2 wasn't memorable either.
version 0.3 was on now-defunct and used frames and an imagemap, I think.
version 0.4 was still on dragonfire and was still framed, but I think I ditched the imagemap and made my code a little more HTML 4.01 compliant.
version 0.5 is what you're seeing now. The feel and layout are reasonably decent, but the code still isn't fully HTML 4.01 compliant.

I've been debating working on version 0.6, which was originally planned to be HTML 4.01/CSS 2.0 compliant, for a while now. I've also been planning a switch to Coranto or Moveabletype instead of blogger... but the energy to do one or both shifts just isn't there. My friend greatoz's site is XHTML 1.0/CSS 2.0 and uses Coranto, and his site looks pretty good.

I figure that if I'm going to actually get off my butt and put in the work to redo my site, I might as well do it to the latest standards and learn it all first. So. We'll see. Seriously, it is a lot of work. The 0.4 to 0.5 migration of the basic site structure alone took place in one big hurry when dragonfire abruptly said they were shutting down, and to work out the basic ~10 pages that make up this site to a standard I already knew took 9 hours. Any migration that comes now will likely lurk in the background as I learn XHTML and CSS...

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