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November 09, 2005

Vertigo comes to an end

At least for my fellow crazies and myself.

Pictures for the last two shows are still being uploaded. Having spent my first two shows of the tour largely behind the camera lens, I opted to let my friends shoot the pictures. Pearl should have some amazing ones coming up from Oakland 2... as soon as we recover from two U2 concerts in four days.

My local contingent of crazies woke up at 5am this morning for our return flight so we could go to work, and it's past 11pm now. I think we've subsisted for the last four days on endorphins and the sounds of City of Blinding Lights and Sunday Bloody Sunday in our heads.

April 1, 2005: Anaheim 1
April 6, 2005: Los Angeles 2
November 5, 2005: Las Vegas 2 (Pearl's pictures)
November 8, 2005: Oakland 2

Posted by brian at November 9, 2005 11:19 PM


hi, was linked by a friend. i am overwhelmed by the amount of video and pictures here. wow. i was at all the shows you were. curious as to whether you will get around to uploading stuff from oakland 2? that was an amazing night...

Posted by: courtney at January 10, 2006 12:04 AM

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