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October 31, 2002

Currently playing: Star Wars Episode

Currently playing: Star Wars Episode 1 Soundtrack - Across the Stars
More quizzes, this one and the last stolen from Pearl's site.

I'm completely down-to-earth!

Find your soul type

Oh yeah, MacWorld case mods. All I can say... holy crap some are beautiful!

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October 28, 2002

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Currently playing: Depeche Mode - Photographic (Some Bizarre Version)


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October 27, 2002

Currently playing: Iio - Rapture

Currently playing: Iio - Rapture (Riva remix)
Another sad day. (no, I don't specifically mean the fiasco the Giants had tonight, but that was sad too!)

Another'er old-timer is selling his Maxima. He has (or had?) the fastest gen4 Maxima on the planet, and it may still be the fastest automatic-equipped Maxima around. So sad. =(

Other noteable long-time'ers moved on to bigger and better things:

There are a few others (WoodEar, `97 GLE to... uhh... whatever car it is now, BMW M Roadster?), Russ (too many cars and too much debt to count, the idiot...)... plus a few old-timers like myself who still have our cars. Booker, Eric L., Hiroshi, Nabil, a few others... but man, it's like a bit of history is slipping away. It isn't very important or very notable history to be certain, but it's a bit of history that dates back to 1996 or so and the introduction of the 4th generation Maxima. When I slip back on to the forums, I feel like an old man there, because I am! 99% of the people there don't even recognize the names I know...

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October 26, 2002

Currently playing: Erasure - How

Currently playing: Erasure - How Can I Say (live)
Finally fixed my computer's weird narrow SCSI bus problem today- swapped out my Adaptec 39160 for an LSI Logic 21040. Technically the 39160 is the superior card, but I believe my 39160 was badly damaged by static shock during shipping (I hate eBay morons. *&$()#*!!! ebay losers...), which is why I've been having problems with it.

I go from 8x~12x CD/CD-R speeds now to the speeds I should be getting, aka around 40x on my readers and 20x on my writer. Woohoo! Before, my Plextor Ultraplex 40x Max would hit only 8.3x secure DAE, now it hits 20x secure DAE. =)

Swapped out my SB Live MP3+ 5.1 for a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, too. I'm pleased. Now only if I wasn't so tired from having done an essay over the last day and a half. I think that means I need to go to bed. =)

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October 19, 2002

Currently playing: Global Underground 012

Currently playing: Global Underground 012 - Dave Seaman - Buenos Aires CD1
Stillen Nissan Day pictures are up.

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October 18, 2002

Currently playing: Erasure - Blues

Currently playing: Erasure - Blues Away
Wow... the Mercedes Benz E-motion post (October 6) is pretty far down already. Yikes... I'm posting a lot.

Thanks to Randall today for letting me use his place to change the oil in my car (only 1,800 miles on it, but that included something between 40~80 miles of track racing at Buttonwillow... hence, better to change it while I had the time) and the fuel filter... the fuel filter was a pain in the butt (stupid rubber hoses really didn't want to come off. Easy job otherwise!). Matthew, who's 6 weeks old, is incredibly cute!!! (aka, I love babies and little kids until they hit the stage where they grab/reach/play with/destroy everything they touch... when they hit that stage, they had better be related to me to make sure I forgive them =) ) His eating every 2 hours has to be hard on Randall and Heather, though... you thought college students had a crazy sleeping schedule?

Well we do, but it's not that brutal. heh. Anyway, going rock wall climbing tomorrow with Sophia and her friends and co-workers. Assuming I survive class, of course. Stillen Nissan Day is Saturday, then I need to study, do some homework, and do a buttload of computer stuff...

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October 15, 2002

Currently playing: Naughty by Nature

Currently playing: Naughty by Nature - Jamboree
Germany and Austria pictures are finally all up. Very little text though... just too busy, and the photo gallery backlog just keeps growing, almost as fast as school work... *sigh*

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October 12, 2002

Currently playing: Garbage - Stupid

Currently playing: Garbage - Stupid Girl
Those of you who buy fast cars and mess around with them on the street... I can only offer to reinforce my previous opinion of what you should do with them: take them to the track!

At the very least, go autocrossing with 'em. Don't bother with the stupid crap; canyon racing, street racing, late night illegal drags (think "organized" street racing)... take the Z-rated tires, four wheel disc brakes and independent suspension (unless you're a Nissan Maxima or Sentra owner *sigh*), and the various go-fast bits you bought for your car, and use 'em in an environment where you can take your car to its limit, close to its limit, or even over (!) its limit without killing yourself and endangering the lives of others. The three, five, ten, even twenty seconds of rush from a quick street race... it can't compare to the 80 minutes of track time you get in one day at some of these track events, or even the five minutes of autocrossing you get at a busy SCCA Solo II event.

At the very least, go to the local drag strip (Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California Speedway near Los Angeles, Sacramento Raceway in Sacramento, etc. etc.) if you can't afford to make it to an autocross or can't afford the time and money for a track event. It's worth it.

Yes, I acknowledge I'm human too- I can't resist stomping the gas on the street all the time either, but the occasional auto-x or track event... it relieves 99.95% of my unsafe impulses on the street. =)

Of course, because I'm a complete newbie at track racing (and a newbie to the track I was at today, Buttonwillow), and my autocross experience didn't help me much at all... I made all kinds of mistakes, probably scared the crap out of everyone in sight at least twice, got dirt all over my car... but it was worth it! Dropping from 105mph to 70mph for the sweeper entering the east loop, or the satisfaction of a good line coming through the sweeper at the bottom of east loop, flooring it in 2nd, dropping to 3rd, flicking it to 4th through the esses... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh beautiful. (we'll ignore my habit of blowing turn 1 completely and ending up in the dirt. oops. =) )


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October 10, 2002

Currently playing: Erasure - Freedom

Currently playing: Erasure - Freedom (Freedom CD1 Single)
New Erasure album, "Other People's Voices" due Feburary 2003 through Mute (Europe) and Mute North America. Even better, Erasure is touring next year. Says Europe only... we'll see if they come to the US.

F'ing Maverick Records (Madonna's label) only did one Erasure album (Cowboy), then never released Loveboat (I don't even know if they were obligated to release it...). Good riddance, I say. It's going to be a long winter.

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Currently playing: Mystic - The

Currently playing: Mystic - The Life
Wow, my friend Dave's letter to the Daily Bruin actually got published! They actually publish dissenting opinions that aren't written by inept five year olds!

More quizzes!


I am a natural story teller, and tales unfold in my mind almost without thought. I can entertain myself by reading a book that exists only in my head, which might make me seem distant from people at times.

I'm Linux!
Click here to take the Operating System Quiz by Nidonocu.

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Currently playing: Erasure, Depeche Mode,

Currently playing: Erasure, Depeche Mode, New Order - A Little Respect (Megamix)
I wonder why my life seems to operate like a binary switch... it's either going good, or it's going bad, there seems to be very little room inbetween.

*sigh* Here's hoping the "good" holds together...

/me wanders off to wonder if sacrificing a goat really would help right now... hee hee...

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October 07, 2002

Currently playing: U2 - New

Currently playing: U2 - New Year's Day
As much as I hate despise Mondays, today was about as close to a good Monday as I've come in a long time. I finished up an important bit of homework for class, I got a really good deal on a new soundcard, and the Giants actually won a series in post season!

A stupid fact for Monday: not everyone from Arizona likes hot weather.

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October 06, 2002

Currently playing: Erasure - Boy

Currently playing: Erasure - Boy
Mercedes Benz E-Motion (new E-class launch event) hit Southern California today.

Basically, a big tent with very nice h'ors ordurves (sp?), drinks, a few massage therapists, Saks' Fifth Avenue doing makeup for the ladies, music, and a Mercedes structural demostration cut-away car. Out back they had an exit tent with gift bags (KitchenAid, Sony, Saks' promotional stuff, plus a nice Mercedes hat), a cook with a BBQ demonstrating stuff (looked good, actually!)... and the entire Mercedes range setup for you to look at and sit in. (Left to right, G500, CLK320, SLK320, S430, SL500, E320, and ML320, I think...)

We can't forget the driving. The E320 road course was a "luxury driving course." Wait in line, get in, get accomodated, do an acceleration then a braking test, then a slalom and low-speed turns, then a rough-surface test. Boring, but the slalom wasn't bad, although the rough-surface test was very poorly done- other events I've been to used much harsher rough-surface tests.

The E500 course was the performance driving course. Similar thing, but the acceleration and braking points were more aggressive, then it was a much higher speed course of gently sweepers, some tight turns and a hairpin, I think. The E500 is a compotent handler, and probably a good one for a luxury sedan... but it wouldn't be my performance sedan of choice. Definitely respectable, but its luxury intent is clearly stronger than its sporting intent. The autostick wasn't too bad, but the lack of engine noise made it hard to use; you had to constantly watch the tach.

Barry, Alex, and I had a nice two hours of fun at Mercedes' expense, though. Jae, Jay, and Cheston were there too, so that was cool. Besides, beating up on a new car... how can I resist? All in all, it was a nice, ritzy presentation. I prefer the Saab or the Car and Driver events I've been to before though; more driving time and less restrictions. =)

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October 03, 2002

Currently playing: New Order -

Currently playing: New Order - Ceremony
Well well well... the first of them are hhhhheeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee...

Apologies for the lack of presentation, but my time each day is finite... it'll be finished soon, I hope, but that oughta hold you all over for now.

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Currently playing: Sasha and Digiweed

Currently playing: Sasha and Digiweed (remix) - Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
I think Verizon's 2 year contracts are retarded. Although I'm not sure if I could have avoided mine. I dunno... 2 year contracts vs. 1 year just saves you $35 activation fees; I'd gladly pay $35 to cut my contract short by a year.

(edit: Called Verizon. I'd have to argue with my retailer for that one. Sounds like I would have paid more for my phone with a 1 year. Ah well.)

And oh yeah... I'm still getting used to my apartment. Freezer door popped open last night. YIKES! Oops!! =(

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Currently playing: The Other Two

Currently playing: The Other Two - One Last Kiss
I feel like giving some more details to a previous post... here's the tally for 2002:

3: friends right now who are either just married or who are discussing marriage.
7: friends who have had relationships go down in flames in the last couple months (not even all year); I'm not talking lighthearted college fun, but yearlong+ relationships... ouch.

Sure, 2001 was personally a lot more exciting for me, but for my friends, 2002 seems to be one hell of a crazy year.

As for me... still dating like usual. Now's one of the times I'm glad I'm single and free to date... and be glad I don't have any of my own drama to endanger that...

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October 01, 2002

Currently playing: Linkin Park -

Currently playing: Linkin Park - Points of Authority
Oops. I screwed up. Turns out fans (room fans, desk fans, whatever...) just went out of season, oh, last week or so... and my room gets kind of stuffy, and I need a fan. Had to pay an extra $10 or so to buy one on-line.

Man, if I knew it would have been this painful to buy a fan, I would have made the time to go look last week...

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